Hey friends!

We’ve got something cool to offer — a dropshipping* partnership. We produce premium car hammocks for dogs, and we’re really focused on quality and innovation. And of course, our prices are fair.

Benefits for your store:

  • Minimal investment: No need to buy stock and fill up your warehouse. Lower costs, lower risks.
  • Wide range: You’ll have access to our entire lineup, including the most advanced models for the pickiest customers.
  • No warehouse and logistics hassles: We handle that. You just sell.
  • Reduced costs: No need for a warehouse or staff to manage inventory.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Quickly respond to demand and grow without major capital expenses.
  • Focus on customers: More time for marketing and improving service, knowing we’ve got the logistics covered.


What you get:

  • Access to our products without big purchases.
  • Great prices and terms for partners.
  • Full support for logistics and customer service.
  • High-quality car hammocks that customers love.

We think this is a really beneficial offer that will help you expand your business without the hassle. If you’re interested, let’s discuss the details!


* Dropshipping is a business model where the seller markets products that they do not keep in stock. They enter into an agreement with a supplier and only purchase the product after a customer places an order. The supplier handles the delivery of the product, while the seller focuses solely on organizing the sales through their sales channels.