Hey! I'm Dmitry, and I am the founder of Keep-n-Trip

My passion is dogs, travel, and active recreation. Even in the most challenging trips, I value comfort and use high-quality and functional items.

Unfortunately, it's not always easy to find products that meet my needs. That's why in 2013, I founded a sewing company, and since then, we've been designing and manufacturing truly cool and convenient travel accessories. For people and their four-legged companions.

In our design office, we develop all items from scratch and only launch them into production after serious testing in real conditions. It's important that purchases are used, not forgotten in the closet.

Our customers value quality. That's why we make things that last for years. And when the service life is coming to an end, we offer an attractive upgrade program.

Our customers are active people, and we value their time. That's why it's easy to take care of our items. For example, the Tripsider car seat covers can be washed with a hose at a gas station in just a few minutes.

Our customers know the value of money and can count it. We pay close attention to ensuring everything is done conscientiously. We are confident in our products, so we offer a lifetime guarantee on most items.

And yes, we use what we produce ourselves. We hope our items will bring you joy every day :)

In conclusion, friends, we are building a business based on love for pets, care for customers, and social responsibility. That's why we collaborate with veterinary clinics and help disabled dogs.

And we also allocate a portion of our profits to a charitable fund that aids animals affected by the war in Ukraine.

United we'll win!